How do I import a database (Command Line)?
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**SSH access is needed for this process.
Also you will need the file in .sql format, meaning it can not be compressed in a .zip or .tar.gz file.
1) Once you have your sql file you will need to upload it to your server.
2) You will need to create the database if you have not done so already.
3) Once this database is created and your .sql file is on the server log into the server through SSH
4) Once in SSH navigate to the directory where your .sql file is.
5) Once there run this command:
# mysql -uusername -ppassword database_name < file.sql
Note:There is no space between '-u' and the username, or between '-p' and the password
username is the username of the user with rights to the database if you are unsure what the is you can use your username you used to sign into SSH.
Password also follows same guide lines.
Make sure your database name has your username prefix with the _ (underscore) after it and the database name.
This command with ONLY work if you are in the directory where the .sql file is.
6)  Execute this command and your database will import.
If you have any problems submit a help ticket.
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