Beginners guide to publishing an iWeb 08 site.
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So you've made a great looking site in iWeb (if you haven't, you can watch some of the video tutorials under iweb's Help to get you started), but now comes the tricky part, how do other people see it? Well look no further, 'cause eleven2 has you covered with the step-by-step for iWeb publishing. Things you will need:

Easy Iweb: found here
An Eleven2 Housting account

1. Open the iWeb application and open the site you'd like to publish.

2. Go to File > Publish to a Folder.  By default it will save to “YourUserDirectory” > Sites, but if you would like to save it elsewhere you can

3. Enter the URL of the site (this will be the same as the final web address for the site) then click “Choose”.

4. You can click “View Site Now” to get an idea of how your site looks in a browser however, don't bank this preview. Otherwise just click “Ok”
5. Now lets install and Setup EasyiWeb. Download it here: (I had trouble getting the download to work in FireFox, so I just used Safari.)
6. When the download is finished, open it from the downloads folder.

7. Click the “Easy iWeb Publisher” icon to open the application.
8. The first time the program opens it will ask you if you would like to donate to the project, if you choose not to and click “Continue” you will have full functionality.

9. You should now see this window:

10. Keep “Easy iWeb” open, Open Finder and navigate to “YourUserDirectory” > Sites (if you choose a different location in step 2, go there instead)

11. Drag your entire Sites folder to the Easy iWeb window. 12. Once the you point to the sites folder, click on the “Configure” button.

13. A pop-up will appear asking for some information

Configuration Name: Enter a name for which the following configuration will be saved, this can be whatever you want
Upload iWeb site to: Enter the URL for your site.
Folder to publish to: Enter public_html
Web Site Username: Your Site's Cpanel username. This can be found in the email sent to you after sign-up OR by logging into the Client Area at, clicking on hosting accounts in the top navigation bar, selecting the appropriate domain. The username and password for the account will be displayed in the appropriate fields.
The overwirte option can be used later when you are updating your site.
14. Click “Check Configuration” A green circle will display upon settings confirmation. If you entered something incorrectly a red circle will display. Go back and check the information you entered to make sure everything is correct.

15. Click “Close Window” A dialog will appear . Click “OK”
16. Click “Publish to Web” a loading bar will appear. Once complete a “Folder Upload Successful!” message will replace the loading bar. 17. Open Safari and enter your URL to see your site in all it's glory!

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