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Upon Special request, and approval by our admins this can be done. If you would like to manage your VPS yourself, please submit a support ticket.
Unfortunately you will be unable to run Plesk on your eleven2 VPS. At this point in time, we currently only run cPanel. However, we are always looking into offering different control panels for our customers.
There is no set limit to the amount of websites you can host on your VPS. However, remember the more websites you host, the more it will contribute to eating up your VPS server resources.If you find that your maxing your VPS resources, you can always scal...
By default, you will not have root access. However, upon special request and approval by our admins, this can defiantly be arranged. To request root access, please submit a suport ticket to our technicians.
Absolutely! This is perfect if you are reselling hosting on our VPS platform. Each VPS is provisioned with 2 x IP Addresses for this very reason.
Each VPS server comes with 2 IP addresses, available for use. Each additional IP address you need is an extra $2 per month.To request additional IP addresses, please contact our sales team via our support desk.
You can issue a VPS reboot inside the eleven2 brain. Simply login to the brain, select "web hosting" on the left hand side, and select your VPS.There will then be a submenu, with a reboot button on it. Hit the button and you will be asked confirmation to ...
VPS backups take place nightly, weekly and monthly. This ensures there are always three possible restore points.
Each dedicated server is provisioned with 2 IP addresses by default. Each additional IP address is $2 per month.To request additional IP addresses, please submit a ticket to our sales departement.
Absolutely! Providing your previous web host uses cPanel, our technicians will be able to work with you, to find a suitable time for the website migration to take place. We handle hundreds of migrations each month!
The setup times can vary, depending on which server you have ordered, and if you have customised it in any way on our checkout process.As soon as a dedicated server is ordered, it is sent to our lab to be built. Once built, our in house technici...
All servers are enterprise level hardware. We build all dedicated servers in house, all of which use Supermicro chassis's and RAM, Intel CPU's, Kingston RAM, and Seagate enterprise hard drives.To find out more about our servers, please visit our elite ser...
You will have WHM access to manage all of your accounts. We do not typically provide root access, as we are a managed host and provide all root level services for you.