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Eleven2 Helpdesk Software Upgrade Wednesday December 23, 2020
Posted by Steven M. on 21 December 2020 08:05 PM

Date: Wednesday December 23, 2020

Time: 19:00 PST - 23:59 PST

Scope of Work:

We will be upgrading our help desk software according to the time schedule above. All other services will be fully functional and live chat will be available 24/7/365 as usual.  There will not be any interruption to your sites during this upgrade, as it's only for our help desk system.  During this window, please contact us via livechat if you need immediate support as the helpdesk will be taken offline throughout the duration of the window. 


Thanks for being an E2 client!

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Cloudflare Outage July 17, 2020
Posted by Steven M. on 17 July 2020 10:19 PM


July 17, 2020


Time:  14:00 PST



Cloudflare is having a network outage.  It does not impact our systems, but many of our clients use cloudflare for DNS, and if you do, you might see your sites as down when the servers are fully up.  Cloudflare is having DNS issues as well.  More can be see at




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WHMCS Security Advisory 2020-01-28
Posted by Steven M. on 28 January 2020 11:38 PM



WHMCS sent us an email advising us of a potential vulnerability.  Therefore, we are writing to advise you of a potential security vulnerability when htaccess directives are not enforced appropriately for WHMCS. This most commonly occurs in web server environments such as nginx.

Affected Versions

WHMCS 6.0 and later

How to tell if you're affected

If the following file is readable from a web browser, then you need to investigate and apply appropriate configurations for your web server environment.
A verification tool has also been made available to assist in determining if your web server environment is affected. This tool can be downloaded here.

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CPanel EXIM Vulnerabilities and Patches June 2019
Posted by Steven M. on 11 June 2019 07:07 PM


We were notified about some major vulnerabilities with CPanel's current version of EXIM and it can lead to exploitation for crypto attacks.  As a result, we have since the 6th of June been patching all of our servers.  All our shared servers are protected, but we need our dedicated and VPS clients to contact us ASAP.  We will be upgrading them as well as fast as possible.  If you don't want to upgrade, let us know, but we will be pushing heavily for it. 

We want to provide you with information regarding an Exim exploit that NIST has posted about today:

This Exim exploit could affect any servers running cPanel & WHM versions below our latest LTS version which, as of this email is, v78.0.27. For more information about this Exim exploit, please see the link above.
We recommend that you update any servers below cPanel & WHM v78.0.27, promptly, to ensure that you've received the latest system updates.
If you have any issues with the updates, please contact our technical support analysts for assistance:

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How to Open a Ticket
Posted by Scott Jones on 20 May 2016 09:00 PM

To open a ticket please login with your email address and password.  It will be the same login as your Brain client area.  If you are unable to login please email [email protected] for support or [email protected] for sales questions.  The Support Dept. is available 24/7/365 and the Sales Dept. is available M-F 7 am - 3pm. 

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